Creating sustainable business strategies to increase social impact

Galvanizing mission-driven organizations for peak performance through operational excellence and financial sustainability.

Building Sustainable Success for Mission-Driven Organizations

  • You are a non-profit organization looking to scale and grow
  • You are a for-profit company looking to increase social impact for your stakeholders
  • You are an Association looking to elevate your value to your members.

Doing good and doing good business are not mutually exclusive. Balancing the pursuit of positive impact and successful business can go hand in hand. To truly make a meaningful difference in society, mission-driven organizations must establish a robust framework rooted in regenerative and sustainable business strategies along with sound operational practices to foster long-term value creation.

Suzi’s impact on our Continuing Education Group was immediate after the three Canadian accounting bodies merged. Our marketing plans instantly became much more strategic, nimble, and efficient. The expanded and enhanced measurement techniques Suzi employed sparked new insights that helped us to better understand our customer segments, identify optimal product-price architecture, and strengthen the credibility of our marketing efforts. She brought a keen insight, a forward-thinking attitude, and a strategic long-term vision to all products. Her rich understanding of leading-edge market research techniques, interpretation of data trends, and out-of-the-box thinking resulted in a significant increase in member engagement and market share in a very competitive CPD space.
Frank Colantonio, CPA, CA

Unlock your organization's potential by harnessing earned revenue strategies and operational excellence for Viability, Feasibility, and Sustainability.

Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Impact

We recognize the unique challenges and aspirations that define your mission-driven journey.

Our core mission is to equip you with essential knowledge and tools for leveraging earned revenue strategies and develop operational frameworks that enable your organization to operate with maximum efficiency and minimal costs, ultimately enhancing your self-sufficiency.

We are not just coaches and consultants; we are your dedicated allies in advancing your noble cause while ensuring financial strength and operational excellence. Our holistic approach envelops every facet of your organizational operations, from crafting sustainable strategies to guiding you and your team to execute them flawlessly.

Whether you are an emerging force for good or a seasoned mission-driven organization seeking to thrive and expand your social mission, we provide the expertise, guidance, and unwavering support to galvanize your vision for peak performance.

“Suzi’s strength is building high performance teams by leading through engagement and collaboration. Suzi’s advanced business and financial acumen enables effective planning, development and implementation of strategies and objectives with her team that are in alignment with the corporation. She motivates and inspires which results in commitment, buy-in and ownership. Suzi has exceptional listening and compassion skills and takes the time to communicate both individually and collectively with her team. The result is high performing work practices which consistently lead to strong demonstrable results which positively impact the organization.”
Cameron J. MacKenzie, MBA, CPHR, CPA, CMA

Holistic Strategy. Tailored Solutions. Integrated Approach.

By taking an integrated approach, we analyze every facet of your organization to optimize earned revenue strategies that align with your mission. Our focus on operational excellence ensures not only financial sustainability but also the efficiency to maximize the impact of every dollar earned.

Strategic Mission Alignment for Sustainable Growth

Align your mission with market needs to drive enduring impact and stability while fostering innovation and collaboration.

Operational Excellence to Maximize Earnings

Operationalize strategy with a supportive organizational framework, fostering collaboration and resilience to navigate the path to sustainable success.

Revenue Diversification for Financial Resilience

Explore diverse revenue streams and develop sustainable models to maximize the impact of every dollar earned.

Impact Measurement to Cultivate Stakeholder Trust and Engagement

Track and report impact with meaning, engaging stakeholders authentically to drive a future where profit and positive impact thrive together.


Founder, Fractional Executive COO and Strategic Advisor

Suzi Mikaelian

Imagine the force of good we can create if we band together to put the greater good ahead of self-interest.

Social Mission Canada is a company with a mind of a for-profit and a heart of a non-profit.

With over 35 years of leadership experience in non-profit and for-profit sectors, 17 years in association and non-profit organizations, and 25 years in national and international corporate M&A environments, Suzi helps mission-driven organizations balance the return on social and the return on capital to increase their social impact and carry out their mission for our communities well into the future.

Suzi is an award winning marketing strategist with sharp financial acumen. From growing the Canadian market from ground up for global corporations, to spearheading the product strategy and market research units during the unification of the 3 Canadian accounting designations, transforming a member-based association into a financial sustainable business model to reshaping non-profit legacy company culture into innovative changemakers, she is a hands-on, result driven business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried non-profit and for-profit organizations alike through continuous growth while delivering exceptional stakeholder and social value.

Suzi is an advocate of integrated and collaborative approach to solving systemic issues and well respected for building open-minded teams with a high degree of trust who respectfully challenge each other's opinions to embrace new ones that will enhance positive results.

Suzi’s unique attribute is her contagious enthusiasm that acts as a catalyst to her stakeholders with extraordinary energy and dedication to drive creativity and innovation that deliver results. She skillfully develops a vision and spearheads stakeholders to deliver on the opportunities for growth, transformation and continuous improvement.

Her raison d'être is to make an impact that matters for her community. Her mission is to enable organizations with a purpose to operate at their optimal potential by developing sustainable practices so that they continue to solve community problems and make a positive impact.

Social Mission Canada is a Vancouver based woman-owned, small company with big aspirations.

"Suzi is a consummate executive who can come up with a vision, develop strategies to support that vision, marshal her team and utilize her sphere of influence to make things happen. It has been a delight to work with Suzi for the last 3 years and see her successfully inject her “for profit” zeal into a “non-profit” entity." Michael Radano, Executive Director

• During the unification of the three Canadian accounting designations, Suzi spearheaded the product strategy and market research unit within a member-based, nonprofit association, member services business unit, to guide evidence based decision making in product, marketing and sales strategies resulting in robust, timely and relevant professional development product portfolio for 250K association members.

• Transformed a member-based, nonprofit association, member services business unit, into a financially sustainable business model increasing profit to $1 million to re-invest towards enhanced and expanded member services while increasing value to 90K association members and the business community.

• Transformed legacy company culture into a forward thinking, innovative organization to expand and grow into new markets while optimizing $9 million budget, reducing costs over 30%, leading RFP processes to deliver another 1.5 million in savings, while reorganizing creative production workflow to increase efficiency, reducing error rates by 50%.

• Transformed nonprofit teams within a union environment, to a fully united, innovative, proactive, project management driven production powerhouse, increasing engagement and agility while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs to successfully deliver 140 projects in up to 13 different languages in print, web and multimedia platforms. This resulted in successfully delivering timely and relevant free legal resources to support BC community’s legal needs with timely and relevant legal resources for family, children, criminal and immigration laws and policies.

• As part of the start-up Canadian executive team for a global corporation, built the Canadian market ground up from zero sales to $600 million within 5 years through mergers & acquisitions and multi-tier marketing and product strategies while negotiating and optimizing $250 million in annual budget with multinational vendors.


Chris-Beth CowieChief Executive Officer

Empowered 4X primarily serves underrepresented Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) business owners who are in service-based industries. We are proud to support the work of Social Mission Canada because they have been instrumental in providing our clients with primary and secondary market research which has helped them identify social impact strategies, identify key trends, validate financial viability and launch a successful strategic long-term plan. Social Mission Canada’s integrative business development approach, has ensured our start-up and scale up businesses have the capacities and capabilities to support their financial and social impact goals while supporting their infrastructure and operation for sustainable business growth. We are confident that Social Mission Canada’s contribution will strengthen our social finance economy.

Lianne Thompson, CEP, BAOwner & President

As the Excellence Council chair, I came to depend on Suzi’s contributions to the continual improvement initiatives at the organization, and I was confident in her leadership whenever she took on numerous projects. Suzi brings authentic enthusiasm and positivity to every interaction and project she manages and always goes above and beyond in terms of her commitment and deliverables. Stakeholders knew that if they came to Suzi with a request, they would receive her full attention, honest and constructive feedback and that the request would be handled professionally and on time. I would collaborate with Suzi again in a heartbeat and know that any organization she works with will benefit from her expertise, quality work and her outstanding leadership.

Nichol ReichardtFinancial Advisor

Suzi is driven by mission and purpose, promoting fraternity and uplifting her stakeholders to channel their authentic skills and become the best version of themselves. She fosters a climate of discovery, questioning and exploration generating creative options, brainstorming ideas through thoughtful reflection. Her innovative approach has been invaluable to reposition business strategies and plans to optimize opportunities as markets shift or new or unexpected situations arise, always seeking to solve the bigger problem, not just the symptoms.

Giordano ScottiRelationship Manager

Collaborative, helpful, strategic thinker, and solution minded. Suzi's cross functional approach to business was an asset as she was able to provide a multi-faceted perspective to ensure her stakeholders had a holistic purpose vs. a functional one. Her commitment to Team, management and organization is unmatched and unwavering. I would recommend Suzi to any organization that is looking to build, transform or grow.

Ashley Alvernaz, CPALead Principal

Suzi is very adept at anticipating stakeholder needs and always goes above and beyond to deliver a product that is high quality and exceeds expectations.

Jeanette Hill, CPA, CMADirector

Suzi is a natural leader. She has a way of bringing people together to create a balanced culture of openness, respect, innovation, collaboration and trust.

Lorraine Pitt, MBAVice-President, Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement

Suzi is a passionate and consummate professional who brings a great dynamic to any team. She’s a strong communicator, talented leader, resilient with a creative entrepreneurial spirit. She’s adaptive and able to pivot to anything that comes her way. She is a great colleague and would be a wonderful a team player to any organization.

John Marchione, CPA, FICBSenior Sales Executive

Suzi has a keen ability to see both the big picture and the details to translate plans into action. She is strategic, pragmatic, and results-driven who sees opportunities in every situation. Suzi shows clear judgement and makes decisions based on facts and always in the interest of delivering exceptional customer value. This coupled with her extensive experience in product, marketing and sales, gives her the advantage to deliver sound practical solutions and makes her an invaluable asset to her team. Her passion for trends, innovation and foresight is the foundation for how she expertly translates market trends into actionable insights and business solutions. This makes Suzi a strong partner to prepare and effectively position stakeholders on go-to-market strategies.

Jay Cameron, MBAMarketing Executive

Suzi is a skilled leader, marketer and all-around professional. She is a strong communicator and is able to build strong relationships within her team and at all levels of the organization. She is also a proficient researcher and a data enthusiast and has the ability to collect meaningful insights from the largest data sources. Her sincere passion, ambition and drive coupled with her incredible kindness and down-to-earth attitude makes her an asset to any organization.

Mandeep Bains, CPA, CAPrincipal

Suzi is very bright and constantly brings passion and excitement to any project she is working on. She is the consummate professional and is able to bring unique insights not previously considered within the organization. Suzi is a great communicator and her vast experience and knowledge makes her a valuable asset!

Kent BennettMember Benefits Manager

I may have to break with tradition here and start by saying that Suzi is a wonderful person! I think people naturally light up when Suzi is involved in a project, collaborations or in meetings. Her positivity and can-do outlook is infectious and she’s very much a team player. I’ve always been impressed with her depth of knowledge on any number of projects, from strategic foresight, business intelligence to statistical reporting. She provides very relevant, timely and keen insight into what the data means with a flair for making it easy for people to understand. Her work provided the tipping point for sponsors to continue to invest in our conferences. Not only that, I have several examples of Suzi going the extra mile and being proactive on projects. She is definitely an asset and I highly recommend Suzi!

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